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Theatre Arts Books; 4 edition (June 1958)
ISBN-13: 978-0878300822
ISBN-10: 0878300821

A fourth, revised edition of the outstanding book in this field. An architect, Prof. McCandless taught stage lighting for 40 years at Yale, and served as lighting consultant for the United Nations Assembly Hall, Radio City and the National Gallery. He designed the lighting for theatres throughout this hemisphere, such as those at Yale and Amherst, and for Broadway plays. Many practitioners in the field assert this is not "a method" but "the method," and is the basis of much stage lighting today. "The book is the best semi-technical text available in the areas it covers."-Educational Theatre Journal. "The grandfather of us all ... He wrote probably the best book on lighting fundamentals."-Jean Rosenthal. "I was reared on Stanley McCandless."-Richard Pilbrow, Lighting Dimensions.